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    drew244 Guest

    Default I think I am in the dreaded Friend Zone

    First couple weeks in a new University and been hanging with this girl off and on. We've gotten close a few times but nothing serious. As of right now I think I'm in the friend zone and that's the last place I want to be. Do I cut off all contact or do I push through since it's only the first 3 weeks of school and everyone wants to meet new people anyways? I mean it's 3 weeks in to a 4 yr school and I can see why anybody wouldn't want to lock something up right now.

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    otto Guest

    Default Re: Friend Zone

    Hey buddy i'm in the same boat, been hangin with this girl all the time and then she asked me for relationship advice on how to get this other guy (total ego explosion) so what i'm gonna do is since my Christmas college break is soon I'm gonna not talk to her for 4-6 weeks and see if i can get to her to miss/think about me. I know its a long shot but its really the only one i have. And if i was you i would make yourself seem less available and let her know that your not gonna just be her friend sorta thing..... if it works let me know and i'll do the same and tell you how it goes.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Friend Zone

    Drew - you need to simply escalate better. You want to go on a date with her, and get a kiss bro.

    @Otto - Your friendzone situation sounds quite dire. I would focus on acting "alpha" around her, and flirt. She obviously saw you as a friend the whole time if she asked you for such advice, and a girl does that if you fail to flirt and escalate ever, or far too meagerly.

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