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    Default Want this girl as my girl

    So this girl ive known for a few years that I met in hs has been poppin up to me a lot. i see her at certain times while shes waiting in her car. she texted me 4 times on time while my phone was off. the thing is i guess im just a little unconfident because my arm has b een in a sling from a football injury (even went through atrophy)

    i resaaaally want this girl, but its no oneitis type deal. a long time a go when i asked her to chill she said yes, but ended up flaking.

    how should i approach this?

    btw, we both go to community college and live at home.

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    Default Re: Want this girl as my girl

    dude your in your head and it doesnt even seem like your freaking out. if she texts you 4 times in lets says three hours. thats quite a bit. she is definitely attracted. but you want someones advice on here.

    CALM DOWN. ur just fine bro. just keep it fun and playful, and when you plan something to do just make it fun and different. even if you do the usual thing, make it different. lets say you want dinner and a movie. make it funny and do camping in the back yard or something. show her ur fun and unique and ur just fine bro. do u know how much fun a girl would have if you guys did a silly dinner and movie in the backyard in a tent. girls eat that stuff up. oh and ps, tents arent very big so cuddling is pretty much guarenteed. just she might be nervous and first so to chill her nerves, make the meal silly, and watch a funny movie. it will ease her nerves and comfort her so she can enjoy the experience and not worry about anything

    stay out of ur head, nothing is wrong here. i mean now if you said she flaked and hasnt text and havent talked and is going cold it would be different advice. but for now just have fun and stay out of ur head
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