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    halkans5 Guest

    Default Midgame Transition from AFC to PUA

    Somehow, I, an AFC and virgin, have been hooking up with a HB10 for about two or three weeks, and we've done everything short of second. However, her AMOG ex of two years has leveraged the weight of their past relationship against her, and is telling her as long as her and I are hooking up they cannot be friends. For some reason, she doesn't want her two-year relationship to have been "a waste" and wants his friendship. 2 years > 2 weeks, I guess... Anyways, my tactics insofar have been completely AFC (not that I'm incapable of PUA game, it just requires discipline for me, which I lack). She has and knows she has the dominant frame (blame the AFC in me) in this relationship, but I need to turn this shit around.

    Seeing as I'm mid-game, what do you guys suggest?

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    halkans5 Guest

    Default Re: Midgame Transition from AFC to PUA

    Additional details:

    Following her talk with her ex, which precipitated our current stop on things, she has still been texting me at the same emotional level, and from what I sense and hear, she still is attracted to me.

    Our text game is still the same, jokeful and suggestive. She keeps saying shit along the lines: "haha we should have an indepth philosophical discussion" and "i wish i was watching a movie with you right now instead of writing this paper."

    With that said, she may have her own agenda?

    Not really sure...

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    Default Re: Midgame Transition from AFC to PUA

    Start to turn it sexual on text. Push her a little bit and make her attracted to you. Believe it or not making a woman slightly uncomfortable with the situation is a good thing. Try some suggestive language in your texts. Great way to start it is with that’s what she said jokes. Then once the door is open run through it and build the Tension. You need her to stop looking at you as a friend and start looking at you as sexual partner.

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    halkans5 Guest

    Default Re: Midgame Transition from AFC to PUA

    Often, she'll transition it to sexual, and I'm usually able to stay on her level. My problem is that she controls text game. She'll transition to sexual—not me. She'll take 45 minutes to respond. And I always find myself initiating text game. But I will do that, thanks.
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