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    Thatguy Guest

    Question How did I fall into the friend zone?

    Okay, I'm seeing a girl who started out as a One Night Stand. She is russian and just got out of being a goodie goodie church girl. At first she told me we would give it 30 days before we had a relationship which i thought was weird but whatever I thought I had this one in the bag she couldnt keep her hands off me. We have been hanging out (and sleeping together almost every night) and haveing a great time for a month now.
    Two weeks into it she started acting diferent and wanted to go home one night cuz she was on her rag and said she didnt like staying with guys when shes pms'n, this is where i questioned her maybe a lil too much suspecting foulplay. Ever since then she said she she wasnt interested in a relationship with me ever. after I fixed that one we were back to normal for a week then next week she started getting shady.. long story short she said she only wanted to be friends and could never love me or was not attracted to me (when we were still fucking like 3 times a day)??? I told her i think shes confused and needs some time to get her head on straight but its cool we can be friends but meanwile im going to be hanging with my other female friends and ill call her sometime and left it at that lol that night she texted me "sure"

    Anyone have any idea how to crack this one? I usualy dont have a problem moving it forward but this ones different she has turned down many guys that purposed to her and fell for a guy that didnt want anything to do with her before me. Should I just ignore her and see if she comes around..

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: How did I fall into the friend zone?

    I highly suspect that her religion is playing a role in this if she was a good church girl. I know from personal experience, I was once a good church boy, then I had my share of vagina for a couple years, and I felt awful and repented, and the bad girl I was with wanted no part in flying straight with me really. I would freeze her out, but she might not be the one for you if she is going to do this, and if you have no intention of marrying any time soon.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: How did I fall into the friend zone?

    From a girl's point of view, I think she just really has problems about what she wants. And just maybe, she's trying to find out what she's missing through sex, and not finding it, she moves on. Fortunately/unfortunately, you were in her path to self-discovery.


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