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    Mel0 Guest

    Default Not really sure where I stand with someone

    I'm pretty good at building up a relationship into something serious, but I met this one girl I'm REALLY into, and she threw a bit of a wrench into my typical game.

    I took her out on a date once back in February or March, but pussed out and never made a move. Now that I'm versed in pick-up, when I met her a few days ago, we started building up Kino really fast, and she dropped tons of IOIs. Eventually I took her out to lunch the next day, then we hung out a little after that. I ended the night with a kiss, and I kinda chuckled because I waited way too long to make a move. Then she said:

    "I don't want this to mean anything".
    We started kissing some more, then told each other to keep in touch. Another kiss goodbye, then she told me to text her later when I left. But when I texted her the next night, the conversation was just sterile (talked a little about how she's going snowboarding and how I was at work.)

    I'm not really sure how to escalate this into a serious relationship, if it's even possible. I've never really had a red light like that after making a move.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Not really sure where I stand with someone

    That phrase could just mean she doesn't want it to mean you're in a relationship or anything just yet, or exclusive just yet. I'd keep dating her man. One thing I learned - if it goes 3 good dates, you're almost always in.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: Not really sure where I stand with someone

    Don't aim for a relationship just yet, darling. Just date her. We girls are known to change our minds, after all. Just make sure you have enough opportunity to effect the change.


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