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    Tom Guest

    Question AFC - Ask a girl out?

    So I met this great Columbian chick in the college, but she's really shy and doesn't speak that much English. That also makes it harder to get to know her. I don't have her number yet, but have her on facebook and went to her place for a houseparty. Whenever I approach her she smiles and backs off a little. She doesn't run away or anything though; I don't really know whether she likes me or not.

    Anyway, my question is how should I ask her out? Do you guys have any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot for any tips!

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    culturedpearls Guest

    Default Re: AFC - Ask a girl out?

    I'd try to find out first if she's backing off 'coz she's intimidated by the language barrier... or not really interested in you. How? Observe her with other people, does she behave the same way? Ask a common friend who might have an idea. Or pretend you're the one feeling a little insecure about the language barrier so she can reassure you, in halting English. Haha.

    If it's the language barrier and being new, then just ask her if she's seen the sights already and offer a tour if she's buying hotdogs.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: AFC - Ask a girl out?

    Also, never think about asking a girl out. Let me explain by what I mean about that. I see a girl I like, so my first thought is: I want to meet her. So that's my goal. Then my goal is to build comfort/flirt and learn a little about her. Then my goal is to ask her out. So your goal should be approaching her and building rapport so she is comfortable with you first. Then you shift your goal towards asking her out. The language barrier can be weird though, I do great with Brazilian girls for some reason, but when their English is pretty broken, it becomes almost a purely Kino relationship - which can be fun. Also, she will ask a lot about what you meant, so you have to explain what you mean a lot, which keeps the conversation slower paced.


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