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    dinorod Guest

    Default shy? or is she just wondering

    been going on a couple of dates with a nice girl, we bumped into each other one night and i took her home, she was all over me not drunk or anything. so when i dropped her off i took her to her door, and she put her arms around me and made out....the next day she came round mine as we had made plans...was a great night watched a couple of films and so 4th. took her home and she did the same the end as we had been kinda seeing each other for a couple of months. i asked her out, now i know she's very shy after i told her i liked her b4 she just giggled, when i asked her out she went errmmmmmmmm as i know shes shy i said tell me when your ready was that wrong of me or is she doing the same as she did when i said i liked her.

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    Pinai Guest

    Default Re: shy? or is she just wondering

    By shy, did you mean, non-committal? Hesitant? something like that?

    What's the quality of your conversations when you go on dates? I mean, do you guys just basically hang out and have fun and then make out... or have you guys actually progressed to cuddling and sharing childhood memories and maybe even routines? Because if it's just been all fun and play, then I guess it's all really that she wants.

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    dinorod Guest

    Default Re: shy? or is she just wondering

    weve actually progressed to where we are, after the first date she shook my hand lol, i was like friend zone..but i kept my head up and kept on it, and after 4 more dates and me telling her that i liked her, we have got to where we are now...she hesitates alot when i tell her stuff like i like you and stuff, she was the one who first initiated the "making out"

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: shy? or is she just wondering

    The one thing I will say is that you really shouldn't verbalize that you like a girl. That's AFCing, and comes off as needy. That said, it's fine to make one or two compliments on a longer date, and don't compliment her "genetics" often, if at all.

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    buffalosoldier90 Guest

    Default Re: shy? or is she just wondering

    Let her tell you that she likes you first...


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