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    Raven Guest

    Default Starting a PUA Journey

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to share what I believe are the 10 things a person beginning a PUA journey should do.

    #1 - Get materials. Some is free, such as Scot McKay's Chick Whisperer podcast on YouTube, and some mailing lists (McKay and Stephen Nash have the best I've seen), but you WILL have to pay if you're serious. At least buy The Game! I don't agree with everything Style did, and I don't advocate the debauchery he and many of the others committed, but, it's an introduction and a "base" to build upon for learning. I still like that book a lot.

    #2: Work on the bod. If you're not in GREAT shape, and I mean, you have a 6 pack, strength, and a good muscular frame, you need to go out and do what it takes to obtain it. Just working towards it will give you confidence. No, you don't need to be in perfect shape with a 6 pack to get great, hot women, but it definitely helps. I'm just being honest - you want to get a "hot" body. and the P90x are my recommended resources.

    #3: Revamp your style. You might consider subscribing to GQ. Get a great hairstyle and drop money on great hair products (personally, I use Axe messy look... it does the trick for my messy, textured somewhat spikey look). Spend what you need to on skin products. Get a tan. Most importantly, outfit your wardrobe with stylish, modern clothing that FITS your personality, whether you're hip hop, rocker, artistic, professional, or whatever. This can be expensive, but it's fun, needed, worth it, and it can be done over a few weeks, it doesn't have to be immediate.

    #4: Figure out what your primary mission in life is. A man whose number one goal is women is a man who won't get women. If you cannot think long term, it is enough to have a shorter term goal or goals, such as winning an MMA fight, or earning a degree. Apply yourself to your goals and never let women take you off track, although once you're in a relationship you cannot let your career destroy your relationship, of course. There's a line between being ambitious and a workaholic, don't cross it.

    #5: Fill your life with positive influences and ditch the bad ones. If your mom or dad beats down your self esteem and works against you and criticizes you, especially when you start to better yourself, consider moving out. Stop hanging around alcoholics and depression cases, unless they're your family, in which case, limit your exposure an be source of encouragement, not an enabler. NEVER listen to emo music or anything with a negative mood, or stuff that dwells on death and suffering (sorry metal fans). Death Cab for Cutie, modern Atreyu, FallOut Boy = AFC's. Get them away. Turn off the depressing news if you need to. Then invite positive influences in, such as Scripture, upbeat or peaceful music or music that gets you pumped up, things which involve nature, books that build you up and make you a better man, church, volunteer and charity work, etc.

    #6: Dig in for your long campaign. Rome was not built in a day.

    #7: Get into online game. Not utilizing the Internet is just insane.

    #8: Make a reasonable mental list of qualities you want in a woman - her appearance (for me I had to consider her a 7+ - 7 or higher on my personal scale = sexy), her values, her personality, what you reasonably expect from her, and use this to screen.

    #8: Make a bucket list.

    #9: Use this formula for dates: One active thing, one conversational thing. For example, mini golf, then a lounge. Then find 3 or more really cool active things to do around you and 3 really cool conversational places. I found 3 favorite active date locations, then 3 favorite conversational date locations. Try to be unique, and try to give a girl a unique, but cool experience. And if all you have around is bowling or mini golf, that's totally ok. I took my GF bowling on the 2nd date and we both loved it, before going out for pizza because there was nothing else open in the area. It was kinda romantic and made us feel like teens again which was awesome.

    #10: Own yourself. If you're religious and have m0rals and standards which flow from that, own it. Don't think you need to change your core self to be successful. In fact, you need to live your life from powerful foundation, a strong sense of self. If you are a video game programmer, own it. Whatever it is you do, own it, and be cool about it. If you're a Democrat, and meet a Republican girl, don't get wishy washy to impress her, own your own beliefs (the reverse is true with me and my GF, but our values are extremely similar and we share the same religion). You need to be yourself in the RIGHT way.

    Extra: If all you want is a GF, learning to sarge nightclubs and bars can be a fun and cool thing to do, but remember that players attract players. If you want a GF, day game, your social circle and online game are your best bet for finding a great girl for a relationship, not bars, and especially not high energy night clubs full of scantily clad women and The Situation stand-ins.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: Starting a PUA Journey

    Extra 2: Becoming alpha should be essentially your #1 goal. You need to study alpha men - There are movies to learn from, like Robin Hood with Errol Flynn, Gladiator, Braveheart, The Count of Monte Cristo (2002 remake), and more. There are programs like David Deangelo's On Being a Man. There are books like David Deida's The Way of the Superior Man. Overcome your lust and neediness and addictions which chain you down.

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: Starting a PUA Journey

    Dude, you've summarised everything that's taken me weeks of reading to fully appreciate in one nice statement. I completely agree on this, while I may not have all of these points completely nailed. I can assure you that given enough time that I will!

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