Ok, I was dating this girl that I was crazy about. Funny thing is I thought she was even crazier than me! Out of the blue, she tells me she's confused and just wants to be friends. I was blown away. In typical nice guy fashion, I ask her to reconsider. She then continues to blow me off and I proceed with this pathetic behavior. When I finally make the decision I'm done (delete her number, pics and texts) thinking she'll come back within a month, she explodes my phone within 24 hours. We finally talked and she says she was feeling trapped and just wants to have fun with me again. Ok, so we start hanging out again, sleeping together etc. for a few weeks and now she feels distant again.

Do I game this girl? Ask her where her head is at regarding us? Completly run away? Just take it for what it is (totally hot piece) and start dating others?