hey folks, im 18 and chilling in australia... however, i have a dillema... i met this girl at a maths course in the holidays, i had 6 classes with her in which i was escalating Kino, flirting and got her number on the last day. I spent a day at the beach with a few of my friends and a few of her friends which was amazing. I've never had this kind of connection b4... we have been texting a bit and talking online for a few hrs a day since i met her... the thing is, she has a boyfriend... they had been together 2 years until they broke up but now they are sorta back together but aren't talking much... im getting all the signals from her and its all chill... im just not sure how much longer i can wait until she drops either her bf or drops me i don't wanna get friendzoned... im droppin' flirts here and there and she is catching them and flirting back... u see my problem? my rant is over now, comment if will Thanks