Hey guys

I've been away fore a while now to figure out what I want from all this pick up stuff :P

I found out that girls are like cigarettes to me.. let me explain: I like the taste, but I dont wanna get addicted (Needy)
This was my big problem earlier but I overcame it

I know that before I went my own ways I was good at helping others and I knew great openers and a shitload of stuff, but I never got more than 1 nighters :S so I left to figure the game out and find what I was looking fore.

It worked for me I got a girlfriend this December, my first It is awesome and I really love this girl, but I miss the hunting-part of going out :S

Can I keep up going out and meeting 9's and 10's without cheating on my girl?

You guys helped me out before, so give me your honest opinion