Hey guys!

I really thought a lot about how figuring this out...i'd really appreciate your help!
So there is this girl (HB10) i got to know when i was about 16 and back then i fell in love with her and we were hooking up for about 5-6 months...but for some reason i did not work out to turn out to become a real relationship and in the end she wasnt interested anymore...and went for another guy...after 1 or 2 months back then i was seeing this girl which turned out to be my first girlfriend and at the same time that other girl(same i mentioned in the beginning) was interested again...however i wasnt anymore.
after a year we became good friends but for some reason nothing "big" happened anymore and we stayed good friends although every now and then it felt like there could be more. and whenever we hung out a lot ( it was always a period of 2-3 months where we would hang out a lot) i got more feelings but since it was only a good friendship she went for other guys and i had other girls.today ( 4 years later) she has a boyfriend shes going out with since almost 1 or 2 years and in the past 5 months i senced she wasnt really happy anymore, in fact they almost broke up once or twice and sometimes when we would message eachother ( since i live in another city now) she seemed interested in me.
now we got into contact again and we decided to meet up for a coffee and "catch up"next time i'm in town (which will b next week) ...now i wonder how i could make her feel attracted again ( i know she has this boyfriend...though to me it seems the relationship is going to end in the next few months so i dont have a bad conscious about this and yet i know she would not cheat on her boyfriend...at least not physically.).
i really dont know what to do and i do know that i always fell for her when we would have more contact...and i dont want me to be the only one to do so this time^ ....

please help !