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    rbobmonday Guest

    Default Any of you guys ever had this happen to you

    I have always been shy around this girl she would comeover and start talking to me. Than I was really at a loss for words. Gave her a stuffed animal told her she was pretty I never really said a lot more. She kept talking to me The new year started and I thought I really wanted her gave her a christmas card she was smiling. Asked me a few weeks latter if there was something I wanted to ask her. Expecting for her to tell me she was seeing someone. She kind of looked like Natilie Portman no a snob though. Than I went major sent her Three red roses on valentines day to where she works. Told her I hoped the Roses did not cause her a problem. She knows I like her pretty shure after all of this. Girls usually mention if they are someone else if they do not like you correct. Is this a girl that I may have a chance with. On these signs is this a girl you would continue to pursue Thank you

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    Default Re: Any of you guys ever had this happen to you

    That was over a month ago. What's happened since then?

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