I've recently been talking to a girl from work who had just gotten out of a long relationship, we went out twice right after they broke up and she told me dating didn't feel right at the time but she still wanted to talk to me.

I politely responded respecting the situation then I let it go but she continued texting me so I decided the excuse was genuine and decided to proceed to build higher levels of comfort and attraction. After doing so for a while we went on another date where we lightly kissed at the end of the night.

She text me a couple of days later (we worked together the day in between) and we talked for a while until I ended the conversation. I thought it went pretty well although staying more within the realms of friendly small talk rather than seduction. I text her the next day asking to go out later this week and she told me she couldn't the day I suggested (which also happened when i asked her out the third time) so I proposed going the day after.

However, She never responded this time and now I am not sure which course of action to take. I plan on waiting 1 day after today before texting her according to a rule I read where if you do not receive a text response you wait one day for each unanswered message.

And finally where I need help is on what I should text her, I first thought sending her an unrelated neg might work because directly asking about the date would be too much dlv, unless I maybe counteract it by bringing up the date in the form of a NEG. Your thoughts and advice on the matter would be appreciated seeing as I'm extremely new the science of the PUA.