I believe there are 3 types of men that get classified by women, and it relates to one of my favorite games, Marry, Fuck, Kill. If you are not familiar with this game it is great to play with a girl, guy whoever. Pick 3 people out at the bar, and teh other person has to choice to marry one, fuck one, and kill one. How this game has more value then just fun, is that you get classified as one.

If your the marry guy, you have the qualities of being bf material - you will get laid, but it will take time and effort. (she wants to be with you long term so she doesn't want to appear as a slut). You are usually well dress/clean, and have a good family back ground. Don't confuse this with being the nice guy, you are still assertive.

If your the fuck guy, you are just for fun. A bad ass, who doesn't want to settle down, and gives the girl a lot of beef. But if you want to date a girl, it is going to be hard. You will get a lot of one night stands, but not many long term relationships. You are the guy who doesn't take shit from anyone and can keep secrets. You also make a lot of sexual jokes.

Finally the kill guy. Doesn't necessarily means she wants to kill you, but you are a pawn and are replaceable. - don't be this guy.

Decide what you are looking for, whether its One Night Stand or relationships and focus on the quailites of who you want to be.