So I was once just supposed to drop by a fast food joint to meet an old friend who would guestlist me into his party. I found him sitting with this rocking HB9.5 who apparently was also just going for the guestlist, but decided to stick around with him for a while.

So I simply played it cool and sat with them and started talking to the guy like in the old days, and introduced myself to the girl. Turns out that she was vying for the attention of the guy who runs the party, and was asking my friend for advice. This was my first problem. Second problem was that every time I tried to get close to the girl, my friend would keep getting in the way of my game; it was extremely difficult to AMOG in this situation. So I decided to play it cool, and talked to my friend more than I did the girl so as to reduce my chances of falling right into the dreaded friend zone.

As we walked around the mall though, I teased her from time to time (used nicknames, used cocky-funny responses, etc.). And in the end, it seemed to pay off with a HUGE IOI from her: As I was writing in my notebook, she grabbed it out of my hands, and laughed while saying, "What are you writing in this anyway?", resulting in some major chasing and grabbing (which involved some MAJOR kino, mind you) before she gave the notebook back. As soon as she gave it back, I, sticking close to her, said, "You know what, how 'bout you put your number in here. Be proud you've made my Notebook of Secrets!" And she did. And as we parted ways that night, she called out to me, reminding me to text her that night, which I responded with something that made her laugh.

So yeah, left to text her the next day, where she continued to tell me how funny I was. Sad to say, the texts got pretty friendly at times (when I became aware of that, I'd end it).

Met her at the party a few days later, where we kicked off with some kino with her running up to me and pushing me on the shoulders, which I responded with by taking her hand and spinning her around in front of her friends. During the actual party though, I lost her in the crowd, and only managed to find her in the end.

Talked to her a bit, then said, "You owed me a dance, you know." (Playful tone). I kept flirting with her for a bit until she ended the conversation with, "Alright, let's dance during the next party." And at that point I took the chance to ask her to join me at the mall sometime if she would behave herself, which she giggled to. In the end, she said, "Sure, I'll just text you," before she walked off.

Couple days later, I text her with some opener, hoping to get to the point of giving her a time to meet up. Unfortunately, she doesn't respond after the second text. I tried pulling off a group message that night (a opinion text sent to all my contacts) to see if she would reply (which she normally did before), and nothing. No texts from her at all that week.

And now I come here. I'm at a loss for what to do next for this girl. I believe I still have a pretty good chance with her, considering all the IOIs she gave me before. It's been a week since the party and I had no contact with her for the past few days. What should I do to regain her attention enough to schedule a date?