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    Default Getting the trust for a serious girl and KINO thereafter

    Hey guys
    I know this girl I met twice and she responds well to my teasing and picking on her. I want to get her more comfortable with me so that I can move into the next phase. Now, she seems from some last conversations that she is not really interested in a short term thing (she has said things like "women are supposed to get settled because there is so much pressure"; "cheeky guys dont last long", she said that when I was being a cheeky and teasing her; to which I said that its not true and that I myself am playful and cheeky but also serious with the right girl) . I want to become that guy that will last long but not by showing her I am also a good gentleman this soon in the game. How to proceed here ? We meet at a salsa dancing place and since I am a good dancer she loves to dance with me.

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    Default Re: Getting the trust for a serious girl and KINO thereafter

    you are probably a nice guy, but when you try to answer her to make yourself look better by adjusting your answers to suit HER likes, this is lowering your value and she sees this as weak.

    She may have said it to test you and she may like to dance with you, but these things can be mistaken as friends.

    i'd say be slightly more cocky and confident, manipulate her slightly more and drive her to a point where she's wondering why she likes you so much, despite you are opposite of her needs. play the mental game, then Kino her while dancing.. maybe try to kiss her while dancing?

    but right now, work on your reputation with her and have fun with it. most guys think too complex and over-react to test and simply because they are not enjoying the moment or having fun.

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