Alright I got myself into a delema. Last night I was pretty housed at a party and I saw this chick that I graduated with who was an HB9 at least. Anyways I got her number, we kinoed through the whole conversation, didn't kiss close even though I probably could have but wanted to see if she was gf material first. She prolly wouldn't have followed up with me if I had kissed her, considering we were both housed. So I exit the set with her number and then like 10 mins later I'm talking to this other girl (another HB9) who's showing mad ioi's, we Kino even more and she's definately giving me vibes. But I didn't want to kiss her there because the other girl would see and I would lose a chance with her.

Bottom line is that right now I have the first HB9 agree to have lunch sometime this week (don't know her flakyness). And the other HB9 (I already have her number) was blowing me up on facebook today with likes and wall comments, saying we should hang out again sometime. I don't want to respond because I like this other girl better and don't want to worsen the situation by dignifying it with a response. I wanna see how lunch goes this week with her and then decide on the other chick.

Bonus Question: What day should I have lunch with her on tuesday or thursday?