What's good guys,

A little advice needed if any to spare.

Situation: This girl and I work together in college athletics. I'm an intern and she is a GA (so she's still in school) so we both have next to no time to spare during the week (or at least she has less than I do [observation not opinion]). I'm having a hard time figuring this one out though from my recent pick-ups. So we've been out to lunch twice and out for dinner and a movie (I know lame, but what else to do after 9 on Sunday night in this small town?). Anyways, at each of these events I keep getting ioi's and her attempts to move closer to me so that I will touch her. I'm trying to take this slow because that has been my downfall in the past (moving too fast that is). So things seemed like they were going well, that is until after the game Saturday. I made the mistake of becoming complacent and thinking that I already had her so I took of my cock-of-the-walk mode and turned into little-puppy-dog mode when asking her to do something on Sunday night after we got off. She said she was couldn't do anything because she was studying for a test on Tuesday (reasonable excuse) but did not offer anything indicating another possible time.

My take: OK, this puppy-dog shit needs to stop. Switch back to cock-of-the-walk this week while "punishing" (AKA - appear to have less interest, don't flirt as heavily, and don't cater) this week while we are working together. While this seems different to me because she shows very little IOI while working but is all over me when alone together this needs to be done in the workplace. And I haven't been texting or phone convo's really because she hasn't initiated them so I only occasionally send the text. So keep up the lack of texting or calling? As far as when I plan to ask to do something again, the weekend of Oct. 15 is our bye week so I know that we will both have plenty of time off. I was going to tell her that I was wanting to go to a haunted trail and that she should join me. So that seems like plenty of time between now and when to do something again. Maybe lunch later this week but that will be determined by my gauge.

These are just a quick rundown of the situation and a few ideas of where I'm heading. Throw some opinions at me and if there are any questions about the situation just ask and I will answer them ASAP.

Peace and thanks.