So I have been out of town for a while. I was getting to know a woman before I left. We were getting a long very well.

I am returning home shortly, and I have been intentionally waiting at least 2 days between Facebook messages. It seems to have been working well. I am just concerned she is going to lose interest. I am returning home within the next 2 weeks, and want some advice on keeping her wanting more, long with how to handle getting back.

Although we still keep in touch on Facebook, my problem has to do with the fact, I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket quite yet.

I have gone through what I call the "PUA Revolution" while I have been gone. I am single, and due to my past habits, I want to play the field, and keep some on the back burner in case I feel they are the "one".

Until then, please give my ideas on how to keep this woman interested, without making it obvious. I was thinking about surprising her with flowers, but I am afraid it would not be "gamish".

Please give your input.