Hey guys,

I'd been texting this girl on an off for about 2 weeks. Her text response where always pretty dry and short, but she seemed really cool anyway so I asked her out to dinner.

We had a great 1st date, we were at dinner for like 3 hours talking... I think there was a lot of IOIs. She was leaning in talking to me a lot. Playing with her hair, even running her hair through her mouth a couple of times. After the date we sat outside for a few minutes and she gave me a little tap on the leg as she was telling a story. She mentioned that she was nervous to go out on a date, she doesn't really go out much. Between two jobs and watching her niece a lot.

We have a TON in common, and spent pretty much the whole date laughing. On top of that, she's gotta be a 9+ (at least to me)

When I pulled up to her house to drop her off, she said she had a great time and told me to call her, then bounced out of the car pretty quickly. (She did have to meet up for a g/f's party so she could have been rushing, however didn't once check the time during our date)

I swung by her work the next day, one of her jobs being a p/t waitress and the restaurant was dead.

She hooked me up with some free food had a couple of laughs, shared some pictures on our phones, etc etc. I then said good bye and left as it was starting to get busy in there.

I've already asked her out on a second date and she said yes!

The problem... like I mentioned earlier, she is very short and dry in her texts. I found out directly from her, she hates using the phone... for both calls and texts, and she could "live her life without a phone" ok, not a big deal, I still text her from time to time and get a response usually, though nothing crazy. However, we both have pretty hectic schedules so it could be two weeks before we can go out on a date again. I don't want to fall of the map because our communication dries up. However, I don't want to push her into texting too much or come off as clingy / needy or whatever.

Really looking for some advice as the best way to handle this.

Also I know she has a f/b as she mentioned it in passing a few times. How soon is to soon to ask to be fb friends?

The other thing I was thinking would be to throw in like a mini-date when we both have like an hour overlap. Run out for like coffee or something, but it would be a bit odd because my free time is usually earlier (ie, before 7pm)

Thanks in advance,