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    Default Oh so close with hot girl in dorm

    Okay. So I was hanging out with a couple friends on their floor in my dorm. I was walking to their common room when a HB8 who I'm kind of friends with tells me she's leaving for winter break tomorrow and gives me a hug (ioi). So we get to casually talking.

    She was folding laundry in her room while I was talking to her leaning on the doorway. About 5 minutes later she wants to show me what she got her dad for Christmas, an obvious invitation to come in and sit down.

    While we were talking she was playing with her hair and showing a general interest in me. Later on she closes her door behind her and sits on her room chair (an obvious and huge ioi). I was sitting on her bed, which was occupied by her suitcase and sh1t she needed to pack up for the winter break. She was sitting on her chair, so I was coming up with a strategy on how we could get closer.

    It was then that one of her drunken friends came in and started talking to her. They talked for only a little bit, then she asked if I wanted to go to the fast food restaurant in the basement of our res. She only invited me, so I still had hope.

    We get the food, and she notices some of her friends in the restaurant, so of course we go and sit down with them. After about five minutes, she looks over her shoulder, turns to me and says "You can have this" (her food), and gets up to leave. I ask "where are you going", she says "over there". I look over after about thirty seconds of waiting and notice that she's talking to some other AMOG who she clearly knows more than me and has feelings for.

    So I went over and said that I was going back upstairs and left. I didn't know what to do in that situation, and I could use some advice on how to handel a situation like that in the future when there's added competition.

    I wasn't quite sure of how I was going to make my move while in her room. Clearly she was at least a little bit into me, so I was eventually gonna make my move, but I wanted it to be smooth as possible. I could also use some advice on how to advance our relationship from where it is now. I didn't get her number (but I could just plainly ask the next time I see her or talk to her on fbook, we're friendly enough so that it would be assumed).

    Sorry for the length and thanks for the advice.
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    Default Re: Oh so close

    Matt, you are going places. It is only a matter of time and skill.
    You missed a golden opportunity, but the beauty its that it's a learning experience and you will know what to do next time.

    She moved you into Isolation, that should always move to some serious action.
    In this instance a stack would have been useful. Imagine this for example? Do you know the trust test? Come here let me show you.

    Look at her palm briefly and say, ”hmmm, interesting” and not another word. She would beg you to read her palm. Both of these routines lead to close proximity and Kino.

    Instead of knowing what to do, you were wondering what to do. You need a stack for situations like this my friend.

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