Hey yallz,

Just wanted to share a protip I learned from another PUA: Always keep 2 in the kitty when you actually do have a GF. I'm not saying go nail 2 other chicks or cheat on your GF in some way. I'm just saying, try to have a couple fallback chicks in case things go awry. It makes it easier to walk away if you need to, and keeps you from getting all beta. Just because you get a GF does not mean you must cease flirting with all other women - in fact, to do so is to put yourself in a bad position. Chances are she probably does flirt with some guys here and there anyway even if it's not overt. I always keep a few on the side who are real interested and flirty. I don't sleep with them, I am an extremely moral guy, they're just there to keep my game sharp and to date if I'm in a relationship that goes wrong.

If you have 2 in the kitty, you'll never really over-pedestalize your chick. Also, your back ups have to be decent looking too. You cannot use 5's or fat chicks of any kind. They have to be legit - girls you would be happy to date if your woman got out of hand and you had to banish her to the cold Siberian gulag that is your ex-girlfriend zone.