So I meet this girl at a party I throw about 3 months ago. She works with a friend of mine who had invited her and since then I would occasionally ask my friend if she was ever gonna come out with us again. Well finally last weekend she comes to another party I throw. I talk to her for a few minutes but just let her do her thing and I did my thing basically the rest of the night. So I am telling one of my best friends about her and he asks me to point her out so I do and he tells me he'll be right back. Well I already knew what he was doing and surely enough he comes back 10 minutes later and just says "you gotta ask her on a date, NOW." Well I go over to her but she was in a group of about 5 people and quite frankly I don't remember what I said to her but then she says she has to leave soon and goes into the basement to get her jacket so I go down there with her. Now granted we had both been drinking but neither of us are "drunk," just a little buzzed at the most. She grabs her coat and keeps innocently saying how she has to leave since she is getting a ride home so I just stand my ground and look her dead in the eyes and say "you know you don't have to leave" and she just starts tilting her head smiling and then we just grab each other and start kissing like mad and it was even more intense since not even my ex who I was with for 4 years had ever kissed me like this girl did. So after a solid 5 minutes a few friends of mine walk downstairs and we stop, I get her number and text her mine.

So the next day my friend tells me he basically asked her if she would have sex with me to which she said no since she didn't really know me but then asked her if she would go on a date with me to which she replied "I'm not gonna say yes or no but he has to ask me himself." Which made me feel good until later that day when my friend who invited her tells me she doesn't like to date. So another day later I just randomly send her a text saying "recover yet?" in regards to my party and I don't get a reply till the next day saying she was sorry since she was busy which I know was BS since she had been all over FB doing pointless sh1t. So I figure I'll just let it go for a few days until my friend tells me she is bringing her to dinner with a group of about 10 of my friends that night. So they set it up that she has to sit across from me and I occasionally engaged her in convo but I was in the middle and talking to everyone around the table, laughing and having a good time while she was being very quiet(granted she didn't really know anyone). So we all go out to our cars and she doesn't say goodbye so I go over and just sarcastically say "well goodbye to you to" and she gives me a hug and I tell her I hope to see her at my house this weekend for another party and she just says we'll see.

The only other info I can give is I'm 27 and work full time, she is only 19 but not in school, she just works as a waitress and hair stylist but still seems to have plenty of time to go out. She is definitely someone I have interest in and I do feel I made a decent connection with her but I want to proceed the correct way obviously and draw her in.