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Walking up to a stranger (especially a hot female one) can be the hardest thing in the world for some guys. I know, I used to be terrified to go up to women that I didnít know. What if they donít like me? What if people laugh at me? What happens if I run out of things to say? All of these fears are real and the reality of it is, they are not your fault. As humans we are taught to fear social rejection. It is natural for guys to have a paralyzing fear of meeting new women and this is responsible for them not having the confidence to even want to learn how to approach women.

In fact, I did a survey and this fear of approaching women actually was the number one thing that guys wanted to learn about and improve. It makes sense right, you will never be successful dating, if you don't have the confidence to talk to women. Now this makes perfect sense. How can you flirt, seduce and even have new relationships if you donít get this figured out.

Now of course, becoming good with women will require most men to learn how to get this handled. But, conversely you will never be good with women until you know the secrets to having the confidence and competence to approach people in general.

You will see, once this part of your life is solved Ė so many new exciting opportunities will open up to you and you will wish that you had resolved this issue sooner. The best part about having fear of approaching women is that it is frankly EASY to solve if you follow a few simple, step-by-step instructions. I am confident that this will soon be something that you are no longer afraid of, if you follow the simple advice in the posts above.

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