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It almost always begins with a glance. It could be across a crowded room. It could be a look as you pass one another on the sidewalk. That glance is the first step in learning how to be a flirt. What makes that glance or that look a flirting technique or signal, if you will is that it lasts longer than your average eye contact with another person. This is the first indication that there may be interest between two people... and interest is pretty much the first step of attraction.

The next step is to watch carefully what the woman does after that initial, prolonged eye contact. Remember, eye contact is one of the best way’s to casually flirt with a girl, even if you haven’t talked to her, the attraction can be intense from this alone.

Here are a couple of simple, yet effective tips. After you exchange glances, watch her head and eyes. If she looks slightly down and away, she is interested. Being able to read someone else’s body language is a key component so pay attention to everything.

If you talk to other guys who are successful in picking up women, you will see how important the correct reading of this one gesture is. Another great tip is to break eye contact by looking to the side instead of looking down. It is much more powerful and shows that you are a man of high value.

Of course some guys instinctively know this. Or so it seems. But really what appears as natural charisma is not necessarily so. You better believe that only a small handful of men were born with this natural ability. The others have learned this stuff simply by being a student of basic human psychology. This lets them approach that woman whose glance has lingered invitingly, while other guys just sit there confused as to what they should do.

Once you engage the woman in conversation, this is the second stage of flirting. Now is the time to use all of the advanced techniques and flirting tips you will learn at this site.

One thing to remember is your conversation should almost always be fun. Women want to be around people who are fun, adventurous and even playful. Gentle teasing is a great method to get her attention and all women enjoy it when done properly. Despite what some people say, putting a woman down is never a good idea. Instead show her how much fun you are by making her laugh.

Another tip is to compliment the woman in a playful way. The key here is to be sure that when you compliment you are commenting on something that you see she has done to make herself more attractive. For instance, instead of commenting her on the color of her eyes (something she was born with) – compliment her on the way she matched her scarf to her eye color perfectly.

What is great about this, is it is a sincere compliment that acknowledges something besides how she looks. It is more real and more effective and will give you the perfect thing to bring up next time you talk to her. Remember, it isn’t going to happen overnight, instead it is an ongoing process that needs to be tailored to each individual situation.

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