Hi guys,
Okay, I need some advice on my ex situation as Iím not really sure what to make of the current situation.
A quick recap incase you havenít read my previous posts. My girlfriend and I broke up before Christmas. After some AFC behaviour on my part, I decided to go NC and work on myself (going to the gym, etc). After about a month, she got in touch and started texting me nearly everyday. She then stayed at mine the following weekend (she was working in my area) where she told me that she was seeing someone else (something I had already suspected) but wanted to see if she still had strong feelings for me (which she does). That night she cuddled up to me in bed. Might be worth mentioning that when I asked why she started contacting me again, she said it was a cry for help.
Anyway, jump forward to last Sunday. I had to meet up with her to sort out some stuff of hers that I had in storage. We met up about midday, she came back to mine to help with the stuff and we had a cup of tea and some lunch. We took the stuff back to her flat and I helped sort it all out. She then asked if I wanted to stay for dinner to which I agreed. In the end, we decided to get something to eat outÖ this is where the confusion begins. On the way to the restaurant, she asked if I thought we made the right decision by breaking up (it wasnít my decision). She then started getting upset and asking me where it went wrong. While we were eating, she got upset again so I went over and comforted her. She said that her and this new guy had fallen for each other but that she was already bored and looking elsewhere. When we got back to her flat, I went to the toilet and when I came out she was looking at pictures on her phone of when we were together. She showed me them and told me how she didnít delete any of them. She also asked what my favourite memory of us was.
Now my question isÖ what does this all mean? Are these more cries for help? She also asks why I didnít fight for her. Is she trying to say that she wants me to now? Iím not sure if I should be taking these as signs that she wants to try again.
Any help would be massively appreciated!