Hey Guys,

I'm new here, so not sure if this thread already exists but basically I desperately need to know how to get this chick to be my girlfriend. Long version is below, but short version is I met this chick, she's afraid of commitment. I slept with her a few times. But we've had really awesome conversations and we have a lot of fun and I make her think which freaks her out. But for some reason I caught feelings and it sucks...But she doesn't want to date or have a boyfriend, and she's puling away and I need to figure out how to get her back into me and how to make her my girlfriend! Help?

Long version:

I was out at a bar at 1am on a Sunday because I'd been on a date with some chick and it blew but I was drunk and wanted to have fun. So I go and I meet this hot blonde chick at the bar, and she's like "with friends" but not really. Anyway we go back to her place, but we don't fark because she's on her period, we just cuddle and fall asleep, which is cool, but def not what I'm used to. So the next morning I leave and go to class and for some reason send her a smily face and we text a bit for a few days.

Then she texts me a few days later--I'm thinking I'm never gonna see this girl again 'cause I met her drunk in a bar--and is like "what are you doing?" and I was like "walking to starbucks" so she shows up and steals a book I'm reading and makes me chase her out to get it back--it was pretty fun. We started making out in the street and everything. But then a second later I'm like "I have to go back inside" and she's like "cool"--but then she comes back and we end up hanging out and talking for like 4 hours. So I basically learn that this girl has done some crazy partying and decided to get out of it and do more with life and she really cares about her family and still thinks she's a christian and all of this stuff--honestly, she's kinda crazier than me, but at the same time I think she's pretty innocent. Anyway, I had to go after 4 hours, so I did, and it was cool.

Then like 4 days later she hasn't really texted me or anything and I get a text from her saying "hey this is my new number" so I'm like "what's up" and ended up inviting her to my place for dinner 'cause I was in the middle of cooking anyway. So she comes over and we cook and do dishes and play chess--she didn't beat me, but she came pretty close--and then we're making out and going crazy and it's awesome, but I'm like "No, I'm not sleeping with you! But I'll walk you home" ('cause I'm catching feelings like a AFC) so I do and I stay the night with her and after talking for hours we end up farking... But the next day everything is cool and I end up leaving 'cause I've got to go to class but things are awesome. She's got this hang up of "not wanting a relationship" and all this stuff...but I figure I don't want one either, so that's fine.

So then I'm in starbucks studying four days later and she sees me in the window and comes in with her friend, and their out going to bars having fun and I'm like "cool, well come back and visit when you get bored" and she comes back a few times but I won't let her kiss me even though we're totally flirting, 'cause I know it confuses her and it's cute! But after she leaves her friend she comes back and we talk for a long time about religion and the way she sees things and she starts telling me about her past and all this stuff... And we ended up back at her place that night, just cuddling, now sex. Then the next morning before I leave I go to kiss her and she's like "What are you trying to turn me on before you leave?" and I give her this look like she's crazy and was like "No, I just wanted you to hug me baby!" trying to laugh it off... But she's acting distant but I don't think much of it.

The nothing for 4 days.

So on Wednesday I showed up at her place drunk after being on another sucky-ass date. I just banged on her apartment at 1am and she let me in and was like "What are you doing? Oh, you wanna fark, right?" and I got mad and was like "No! I don't want to just use you for your body! I can't believe you just think that's how people are" (Dude, what's wrong with me, right? The girl was DTF NSA and I'm acting like a total girl!--but I was drunk). So we ended up cuddling and she's like "well I need to sleep I have sh1t to do tomorrow" but then she kept talking to me so we're up until like 5am talking, and then she really starts trying to get me to sleep with her, and we we're kinda violent and fun and making out and doing stuff for an hour, but I'm refusing to fark her this whole time. So then she gets annoyed, lays down and starts jacking off! And I'm like--fark! And then I start jacking off too and then I start touching her...and then we end up farking anyway and it was really amazing. But afterward I say "I'm an idiot" (I am, for saying that) and she gets kinda annoyed and distant and goes "stop over analyzing everything--you think too much, like a girl!" and I kinda argue with her, but she roles over and we fall asleep. In the morning I wake up to my alarm and she's like "Look, I don't want to be rude but I've got stuff to do so you need to leave--I can't get anything done with other people around" and so I'm like "Uhh my alarm is going off because I have to go to class" and I kinda get up but I linger 'cause I know she's leaving too so I wanna walk with her... And I leave first but I walk slow so she finally leaves and sees that I'm still there on the other side of the building, kisses me and starts to walk off, but I'm like "We're going the same way anyway--It won't kill you to walk with me!" and she does kinda reluctantly and we don't really talk. And then after a few blocks we part ways and she kisses me again and says "See you later"...

And that was 2 days ago.... And I haven't talked to her since then. No text, calls, haven't seen her, nothing. I went and caught feelings for a girl who's more afraid of relationships and commitment than anyone I've ever met. ...And I need to figure out how to fix my total AFCness and get this girl to be my girlfriend. I obviously need help/Advice desperately because this chick has ruined my game completely. I don't even know what to do.