Hello! Need some advices.
I'll try to keep the story short.
Six years ago i broke up from a very special girl. I've met her in a one-week vacation and spent 6 days at that time together until the vacation ended. Due to the fact that she was from another town (about 500 km away from mine) the relationship wasn't looking very good. Despite that, we kept connected and continued the "relashionship" for about 10 months (only by distance).

After the relationship ended we kept the connection as friends. We talk about once/month, sometimes rarely, sometimes more often. We talk about everything, often including our sexual life (sometimes in extreme detail) and we have no secrets whatsoever.

In all those years, the conversations we had where started by her (in more than 80% of the cases). In the last year she invited me several times to visit her town and see her, and directly telling me that I can stay at her place over night (knowing that I am marryed for 3 years now).
I know that I was (and I still am) a very special person for her. We have, (despite the years that have passed since we last seen eachother and my marriage) a friendship at the border between buddy and lover.
In the next couple of weeks I will make a short visit to her town. I will probably stay just one day, maybe 2. I told her that and I invited her to a coffe to see eachother and she was very excited abot that. She accepted immediately and told me to make sure that I will tell her the exact date with one or two days in advance so she will be available.
So, my intention is to have sex with her and maybe turn her into a fark-buddy since my actual job would give me more ocasions to visit her town than I had untill now.

What I would like to know from you guys is how my approach should be. What to do to game her and, most important, what I should NOT do to ruin the evening. I am very excited myself, I had this desire to bang her from the moment I met her, and now I have a very good ocasion.

Also, I will only have about 2-3 hours, then I'll have to go back home. However, in about 2 months I can see her again, this time I could stay at least one night. So how far should I go considering that the date will be very short? Shold I go for a k-close and stop so i'll continue next time? Should I go for a f-close (though 3 hours seem too tight)? Or should I stop before the k-close?

Any advice will be appreciated!