I am just trying to learn and understand more on female psychology (What goes on in her mind). I was recently dating a girl who I thought was the girl for me. She was never a partier, never much of a drinker. Long story short I beta back slided and the relationship went south. She broke up with me. She is supposed to be happy. This is “what she wanted” right? So why does she seem so miserable still? I have bounced back to my old confident Alpha self, I have remained no contact the entire time. I have lost 2 pant sizes, I am furthering my career and living for me. I do miss her (I have not managed to meet any hotter women…. yet) It almost seems the more No contact I go, the less I don’t beg for her and the more confident I seem the less happy she becomes. The more she backslides into some form of juvenile.I

I found out she has taken up smoking as 1) a form of stress relief 2) to fit in and have something in common with the rest of the guys we work with 3) a pathetic attempt at a shit test towards me because she knows my distaste for that filthy habit. She also tells me how much a partier she has become and how big of a drinker she is. She is constantly pretending to be somebody she is not around others. At this point in time, nothing surprises me anymore about her. She might have become a total slut or prostitute. Wouldn’t surprise me…

My question to you is what happened to the girl I once knew? She always seemed so grounded and knew what she wanted in her life and none of those things were it. Or was this always the real version of her, the version I have never met that existed before I came along. We dated for well over a year, she couldn’t possibly have hid this side from me for that long.

Or has the stress of the break up that she wanted caused her brain to explode and cause all of these things to happen? She is some form of crazy. It is safe to say that she does not have any form of feelings for me anymore. She should be happy after dumping me. This is what she wanted after all. She knows i never wanted this to end and she knows how I feel. Why put herself through this? Any help or advice would be most appreciated.