Okay before you tell me to move on and that theres plenty of fish in the sea please read on further.

I was dating this girl for 3 years when we broke-up 3 months ago in February. The main reason we broke up was me starting to get bored and unsure about the relationship which caused me to break up with her 1 night after a huge fight. well its been 3 months now and i still want her back. No it is not my emotions wanting her back its me being logical and knowing she was actually a great GF, and id really like another chance with her and give her the great guy she knew for the first 2 1/2 years of our relationship.

I made some classical mistakes after the break up. I told her i wanted to get back together with her about three weeks after the break up and showed her that i was really sad about us being over which definitely fed her anger, making her not wanting to get back together, and just wanting to remain friends for now. So i decided for us to go No-Contact. well were back talking again and she wants to go for drinks with me on wednesday.

During the time i was in no contact with her i read "the Game" and the "Mystery Method" and took notes on them. The books really opened up my eyes in regards to woman and how to suduce them, and build strong levels of attraction with their emotions. The books even went over things i had done with past girls on accident which got me laid. So I'm planning on using some of these techniques on my ex when we meet up to Get Her Back and id really like some of your guys opinions.

The Game Plan
-Use of false disqualifies-im going to tell her were better off being just friends and thats all I'm looking for
-Tease her a little bit, and flirt
-Demonstrate high value of course
-Preselection-I have a friend who works at the lounge were meeting at who's going to subtly flirt with me. maybe touch my hair or something.
-jealousy plot-Have a girl call me when I'm out with her and say I'm still meeting up with her and her friends after I'm done having drinks.
-Bring up 1 good memory we shared together
-Avoid talking about the relationship.
-Play with her emotions, to get her really invested in me
-Be the first to leave and not pay for the drinks by being the nice guy, since she asked me to go for drinks.

So if you guys have anything to add to my game plan it would be much appreciated. Also if the meet goes really well what do i do after? do i call her or should i wait for her call?

Thanx GUYS!