Ok so here's the back story - will try to keep it somewhat succinct.

Dated this girl for a few months last year. Knew her somewhat in college but didn't really talk until we ended up living in the same city and I randomly messaged her one day on Facebook. Things started off really great, then started souring until we broke up a few months later in a somewhat messy fashion, mostly initiated by her. So, afterwards, I was understandably upset for a couple weeks but after seeing that this breakup was going to last I went for the freezeout. Didn't talk to her for a couple months until she texted me on Valentine's Day to ask me if I had sent her something. I surmised that either a) she had received something from some random dude and wanted me to know about it, or b) she didn't get anything and was just trying to make me jealous. I simply responded that that ship had sailed and we didn't talk for another couple months. Lately, we've been texting back and forth every week or two, but never were able to solidify plans; once, I invited her to come out but she couldn't make it, then a few weeks ago she texted me to meet up at a rooftop with her, a few of her friends and her mother (who loved me) but I figured that leaving my friends to do that would be a serious AFC move and politely declined. We talked for a while today, mostly lighthearted, but she asked me a bunch of questions about my life and, to be quite honest, I've changed a lot since we broke up and mostly in ways that she had always wanted. Will probably end up meeting up wtih her tomorrow or Friday.

My questions mostly relates to the frame and behavior I should adopt when I see her. First, if she asks me to go meet her and a bunch of her friends, should I do so or is that a totally weak move? I had been going for the one on one but that may be too onerous a provision for a first meeting. Additionally, I was simply going to act like nothing had happened, as if we're old friends meeting up for the first time but kinda flirty like when we started dating. Any thoughts? Or any routines / ideas you would recommend incorporating for optimal results? Note that I'm not 100% sure if I'd like to get back together with her (although I'd be somewhat open to it) but moreso would like to sleep with her again and see where that goes.

Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.