Ok guys im new to this and this is my first thread so enough of the b/s and down to the nitty gritty Long story i got here but im going to make things as short and sweet as i can so its like this.. I have been dating this girl about 10mths now but we had about a 7 week cooling off period but still had daily contact via sms email facebook etc but at the start of this little so called fling things were great we hooked up at least twice a week one night clubbing with mutual friends and the next night both of us alone in either my apartment or hers so im going to cut to the chace right now.. At the start we didn't know each other so we were hooked up by a mutual friend the whole thing was that it was going to be casual sex between us because she had a so called boyfriend in the pen (JAIL) the last 3 years serving 12 years for armed robbery etc things were great between me and this girl for 10 months seeing each other a hell of a lot constant texting and facebooking all day EVERY day after maybe 3 to 4 months i started to develop some real feelings for her but kept them to myself because i didnt want to scare her of by knowing i was falling for her... I didn't show her any signs about how i felt about her but i had a really good feeling she knew and to be honest i had a really good feeling she felt the same for me too and things between us continued as normal for X amount of months/weeks until BOOM no hook ups no sex no night clubs etc but still the constant texting and emails. I started to get a little bored and hooked up with my ex girlfriend and she hooked up with an other guy. We both knew what each other was doing but still stayed in contact until one night we had this really big verbal fight over the phone for over an hour and she told me not to talk to her again and i said fine and went about my business.. I went through about 3 weeks of hell because i missed her so much and already knew i had fallen for her until 1 day she randomly text me asking me to call to her apartment to see her and i did so we sat and talked and ended up having a lot of sex all night next morning everything was still cool between us we got back to texting daily flirting with each other constantly hooked up a few more times in the space of a month and BOOM again it all went cold from her but then two nights she text again to which i replied. Later that night i went to a club with some friends and she was there her friends i saw her a couple of times looking at me from the other side of the room but i completely ignored her and started to dance and flirt with other girls that she could see but in the back of my mind it was her i wanted was this the right thing to do? She rang my phone twice and did not hear it over the loud music but i text her and she did not reply until the next day and i have being texting her since then but its all only general chat. I really really like this girl what do i do to get her interested again because we are still in contact. What do i do from here? Thanks in advance.