Ok hopefully batman sees the bat symbol and comes to the rescue with some advice.. but. Im going to see another ex to pass some time for a week while im doing nc with my current girlfriend. Mind u these girls both know each other. Im pretty sure my ex isnt gonna do anything stupid so... but the question is since i will be put of town for a week my current girlfriend will only be abl to text me.she hasnt contacted me for about a week and im worried she mite try next week when im not there. She has my house phone and if she calls i wont get it. So ig she text me how can i go about it? Should even respond to the messages or should i ignore until i get back to the area? Since im doing nc i still wanna keep it brief text wise. Thos is horrible.... i got two chicks on theside that im doing excellent with this pua stuff but when it comes to my girl its hard!! And also i just wanna know how to improve myself.. my girl sqys im spoiled inconsideraand crap this is Sh1t Test right?! I filed miserably. But yea i need help ith this situation. Ill be back in a week .