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    Default Broke no contact- what to do now

    Hey guys,

    After two weeks of no contact with my ex, I broke down yesterday and sent her a text saying that I saw some photos from us from a while ago and they made me laugh and asked her how she's doing. She replies that she looked at those photos too, and said Shes doing okay and asked me how I was. I responded good, been busy with work etc. good to know your doing well I'll talk to you all .

    I kind of just ended the conversation there because I was busy but I do love her and want her back , I'm not sure if cutting it so short was a good idea. Any ideas as to what I should do next? I was thinking I'll text her in a few days but I have no idea what to say, I need to remain alpha or this won't work.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Broke no contact- what to do now

    I am in a no contact situation with my ex as well. Even if you want her back or just want to get over her, you must assert control over the situation. My ex continued to text me after the breakup and I had to tell her that I needed time and that I could not be her friend right now. I now have some control in the situation, even though she may not want me back yet. You need to show her that you don't need her, you just want her. Prove it to yourself that you can live without her. I am finally to the point, after a month and a half, where I am OK with the fact that I may not get another chance. My advice is do not try and contact her at all. Two weeks is definitely not long enough. Remain in no contact until you can cut your emotions from her and think logically. Be selfish and work on bettering yourself. Workout, meet woman and keep busy.

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