First thread so bare with me.

I met a girl at my part time work a few months ago, who i have been on two dates with. The first date went really well, i took her(well she took me in her car) to a local park near my house and we had a walk, then went for a drink and a game of pool, she then came back to mine and we made out. She text me the next morning saying what a great time she had.

The second date didnt go aswell, we went into London and i took her to see a film, we saw the film, went for a drink and came back to mine but during the evening i noticed she was texting alot and if im honest this pissed me off! I tried to neg her to get her to stop but she seemed to be set on texting which i thought was rude, i made some comments like 'you and your phone could never be parted' etc. She came back to mine and we made out again in my bed, i tried to push it further but she wasnt comfortable with me touching her. So i ignored her completely for about 15mins and texted my friends, this worked as she became more interested in me, snuggling up to me and touching me through my clothes.

she left about 1 in the morning and i asked her to text me when she got home safely. I texted her in the morning asking if she got home ok, she text a one work reply 'yh'. Ive texted her a few times with no response in about 4 weeks, i just dont know what ive done wrong, unless i pushed it too fast?

meanwhile to get over her been living by the motto my dad told me 'youve got to shake enough coconut trees for a coconut to fall out!'