Following previous posts detailing the background to my problem I am in a situation where I need to rebuild the attraction my ex feels for me whilst I am away from home for two months. Further NC concerns me as their are orbiters in the picture and I am worried they can take advantage of my absence as she enters a drift stage of our break up. I will have access to phone, text and Facebook etc but need a clear strategy as I'm unable to meet up.

We broke up a month ago after a fight in which she had asked for a weeks 'space' I reacted badly and eventually falsely accused her of seeing someone else (AFC). I used the M3 system and immediately initiated NC which she broke after 5 days. We have met for coffee and dinner but after a long conversation she stated that she felt resentment over my behaviour which meant we had little or no future! She did state we have a connection and that she missed me asking to be friends. There was some flirty messages back and forth but when I mentioned a possible reconciliation she reverted to not returning messages etc!

What do I do now? I want her back ... We are both very stubborn however! Please help!