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    Default Getting over a bad girlfriend

    Ok, so I posted about this breakup a couple weeks ago but since I've had time to think and talk to people about it. This sight has helped too. I'm 33 and she is 26.
    My girlfriend of four years dumped me about two and a half weeks ago out of the blue. During the past four years she has done this three other times but always came back after several months. This last time we have lasted a little over a year and a half. I bought a house and we lived together just over a year. When the last breakup happened, she just blew me off for a day and I knew what that meant. To make a long story short, we haven't talked since except for a short text conversation that I initiated a week ago. And she wished me happy birthday at midnight on my birthday a week after the split.
    While we lived together I treated her good. I payed all of the bills and even helped her with her bills and never complained. She suffers from emotional problems from her childhood. Her dad was killed in a car crash in her early teens and her mom was a drunk and not around much. She had a good job but quit due to her mental problems. I never said a negative word about it because I loved her and understood.
    Now for the bad parts. At one point she asked if her cousin I'll call ah could move in. I knew ah was having a hard time and thought she was a good person but I said no. Well ah ended up moving in anyway but I let it go because I knew it was temporary. A couple months later I got an email from my bank that my checking had an overdraft. After doing some research I found that ah and my ex had been using my debit card and taking money from me. They admitted it and I kicked them out. Idiot me continued the relationship with my girlfriend though we decided she would live with her mom.
    After talking with shared friends the other day, I learned she often talked about our problems with her questionable family members instead of me and made me out to be a bad guy.
    Her mail still comes here and she told me to just throw it away. Instead I've been putting it aside in case she decides she needs some of it one day. Well I had a few drinks the other night and opened a couple envelopes. I know I shouldn't have. I couldn't believe the amount of debt she has.
    Just so you know, I'm not trying to get her back. It's just hard after four years. Don't get me wrong, we had ALOT of great times together and she always told me how much she loved me and never had a guy like me, even up to a week before we broke up. She was even pushing marriage and babies.
    Now I know she is not the one for me and I have been getting better about everything by using no contact. I just wish she would realize what she threw away and would one day appreciate everything I've done for her. I know I'm not perfect but I've always been told I was a good guy.
    I'm looking forward to dating again but feel I'm getting older and it doesn't help I live in a very rural area with limited options. My job requires me to stay out of the local bars and work weekends.
    Just need some reassurance please. I'm having a bad day.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Getting over a bad girlfriend

    Try sarging in the nearest city where you don't have the same social constraints as in your home town. Even once or twice a month will make you feel like a new man.
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