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    Exclamation Dropping signals? What do they mean?

    So this chick and I dated over a year ago, have been off and on every since then. She has refered to me as a friend and friend zoned me so I backed away and we argued. Here we are 2ish weeks later into NC (she has deleted me off facebook since then). here is what happened:

    I went to the hospital and the Dr. told me I needed to set up surgery, I posted on FB about it and my friends called asking if I was alright, yea I told em I was just bummed that I had to go under the knife in a month. Well SHE calls me 5 time in panic mode pleading me to call her back to make sure I was ok. She was worried I was in the ER or something. We talked and she calmed down. She finished the convo with (I just want to let you know that there are people in your life that care about you.)

    NC for another 4/5 days. I go out to a club and bump into her. I say "Hi stranger" and she says hi, then just walks away. Ok cool, no biggy on my end. I started talking to a few other girls and I notice her glancing at me when she walks by. I then walked to the lounge area and I noticed a min after she follows and talks to two of her friends about 6 feet from me. Ok cool.

    Now present day, 2 weeks in. I text her and let her know that I am going to be in the area doing some running around and that I have two of her books here that I want to give back to her. She let me borrow em before we fought and had NC. I'm trying to clean up the apartment so I am tired to moving them around and looking at em. She calls me and asks if I wanted to go grab food with her and a friend. I said will think about it. Then she says that it's strange that I just text her, cause she was just on my FB page. I guess she can see what posts or pics of mine that out mutual friends like or comment on.

    WHAT DO I DO?! Are these signs? Shit tests? The place she is eating at is amazing and she said "I haven't been there since you and I went". Do I go?

    Does she want me as a friend or is there some post friend interest?

    Please help ASAP!


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    Default Re: Dropping signals? What do they mean?

    It sounds like she just sees you as a friend.

    There's an easy friendzone test you can run, it's called "if this was a dude"

    When you wonder if these are IOIs or just friendliness, ask yourself: "if a dude friend was saying this, would I STRONGLY think he's gay." - if no, then it's probably friendship. Like:

    "Wanna grab lunch, I haven't been there since the last time we went" - no homo bro.

    "I heard you were in the hospital - what's up? You gotta let people know bro! We care about you!"

    Sounds a little wierd to translate the feelings-oriented speak of a girl into bro-speak of a dude, but it helps to define the friend line.

    If you are dead set on getting her back (don't let her be a one-itis though - especially if your in the friendzone) then you have to never think about getting with her. disqualify her COMPLETELY and put HER in YOUR friendzone. Catstring theory.
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