Hi Mates!

This is the situation:
I had a gf for about 3 years, we were living together for about 1,5 years. She broke up with me 3 weeks ago on a holiday with friends. We got the same friends.

We went to a holiday in which she broke up with me. I moved to a friends room and stayed there for the rest of my holiday. I almost didn't talk to her over there. On the flight back (2,5 weeks ago) I started thinking about the situation and tada, panicing mode was switched on. I talked to her and she asked me to stay friends. I accepted it, because I didn't want to lose her. So we were friends for a week and were seeing and texting eachother (mostly I initiated the textings). I started reading ebooks about this situations and I made a plan for myself. I didn't want to be in the friendzone. I would rather lose her as a friend than be her best friend and help her while see has problems when dating other guys. I started to realize what the cause of the problems were. We still have physical attraction towards eachother. But I see I was in jealous boyfriend mode and put her on a pedestial way too many times in the relationship. I realized she was in control of the relationship and even in control of our friendship. So I changed this. I was acting more like I was in the beginning of our relationship and made myself a prize. I started no contact and I stopped texting her. She came to my place to pickup some stuff. One of my best friends was sitting next to me when she was at "our" place and he was like "Wow man, what have you done? Her eyes said more than thousand words".

Since that they she keeps texting me and keeps messaging me on facebook. She says she feels bad and she doesn't understand how I can be over her this quick. The strange part is, I'm not, but I'm working on that. She told me she's not still over me.

A few days ago she texted me she wanted to do something to talk and stuff. But I didn't accept this, because I'm affraid I will be friendzoned if I do accept this.

What makes it hard to do a full "no contact" is that we've got the same friends and we've got a (rental) house together, which we have to leave before the end of this month. We can't not see eachother. If I see her I act with self esteem, not jealous and exactly how I should behave. I talk to her like if she was a good cousin of mine. She keeps looking at me when we're with friends and she immediatly texts me when she's home.

I'm thinking about "going for the kill" when I see her, but I'm afraid she's just doing this because she doesn't want to lose me as a friend. Any tips on this? But she gives me heaps of ioi's. Should I start talking about another girl when she's next to me to check her body-language or what?