I'll try to keep this short so I don't bore you guys to death.

Dated a girl for over 2 years, serious LTR, and I dumped her in April. When we broke up I felt nothing for her, and now I think I have the I want what I can't have syndrome.

We talk. She's interested in getting back together. The problems that led to our break up are clearly not over. We discuss how to fix things and then move on.

Hang out a few times, have lots of sex good times. I made the mistake of checking her social media profile where she talks about how she's coked up, and making out with some guy.

The next day I tell her she lost major attraction points and that I'm not interested in being with someone who is going to post all over the internet they're coked up and hooking up with dudes.

Needless to say, I can't complain much I've slept with 5 girls since we broke up so I can't really tell her what to do especially since we aren't official.

After I call her out she denies she made out with the guy says that I haven't been giving her any attention (untrue) and automatically suggests we make it official again.

I call her this morning and told her to come hang out and watch our favorite TV show with my tonight. Now I'm starting to get a gut feeling I shouldn't have invited this girl to hang out with me after her bad behavior.

The usual advice is GFTOW we'll I'm already at about 5 and all I can do is think about this girl who's probably not the one.

Why am I so obsessed with her if she's bad news (aka coke head club party girl)?


HB 10
Best sex ever
Horny as a dog


A walking disaster

What do you guys think should I keep her around as a FB? I am seriously invested in this girl emotionally since we dated for 2 years.

Or should I cut her off completely? Or should I try to make a relationship work? .... Or am I an idiot for even having her on my mind still.