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    Default Had sex with ex - she says it was wrong and it shouldn't happen

    Background:- I broke up with ex about 6 months ago, we seen each other until 2 months ago when I asked her back and she said she didn't wanna be with me despite making a massive effort to get me back. She met a guy, she bombed out and got dumped I suspect. She emails me to say thanks for returning a special bracelet I bought for her and the keys to her place on the Thursday. It was returned by a mutual friend 3 weeks before that. I email her back on the Sunday and after an email exchange I ask her to meet and we decide to do it at her place as she has our cats. Theme of emails is she is lonely, she can see I am doing fine without her and that she is doing ok but she is poor financially.

    The meet up:- first hour she didn't sit down, she was cooking her dinner and making small chat about asking how my friends were, etc. Then she started to ask me about dating and I said I had dated a few girls, nothing major. I had been on quite a few dates. When she sat down she sat down with her arms crossed and her legs crossed and sobbed. I tried to get her game but she sat in silence saying she didn't know she was going to cry when she seen me and she didn't know why she was crying. She said although she was lonely she was fine. I started to get up to leave after I said I am not asking you to get back together however just because I am doing fine without you doesn't mean I wouldn't do fine with you either. She also said she didn't want to get back together. So I get up to leave and she is standing arms folded and sobbing at the door. She wouldn't speak or look at me despite me asking. I lifted her back to the couch and sat her on my knee cuddling her, well I knew what to do kiss her fore head, rub her back, kiss her neck and I would be able to get her. After a bit of LMR, I carried her to bed and we done it. Whilst she was riding me she had a huge grin and she was dying to say the words of I have missed your cock! But held back. I can read her so well since we lived together for a couple of years.

    Afterwards we cuddled and had a laugh. I questioned her on why she didn't say it and she told me that of course she had missed it but it shouldn't happen again and what we did was wrong. I said it wasn't wrong we had fun and we should do it again sometime. She said no, it's wrong. I told her not to cut her nose off to spite her face. We weren't hurting anyone. She said I should find someone else. I said ok, but you know where I am if you want to see me again. I walked out and I haven't text, called, nothing. She said we shouldn't see each other for a while but we could still speak. Weird.

    The best advice my female friends have came up with is she seems to be showing signals of caring and feeling. I need to figure out what a true guy would do here. Should I leave her a few days, let her thinking and send her a small text like are you ok?

    Any advice appreciated here from you guys.
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