Well my ex and I had a great time at a wedding. She has initiated contact twice since. We went out to a bar one night with mutual friends and I thought things were going well, maybe they still are. But I have a bad feeling that she is still interested in this other guy, which I thought wasn't true a week ago. I ran into her at school the other day so we talked a little bit. She said she's going to another couple weddings, one this weekend and one next. And it basically got me thinking that she is going there with this other guy. I don't know if she is really seeing or interested in this other guy or not.

So I am not going to contact her as I have been doing all along. But should I try and find out somehow if she is with him? Do I freeze her out if she tries to contact me? I thought I was in a good place a few days ago, but I don't know now. Any advice would help.