Ok, so my ex broke up with me about 6 or 7 weeks ago now, we both went away to different places for summer and so haven't seen eachother since end of may. We had a strong relationship but basically she freaked out about the commitment and I wasn't there to stop this happening as she was in Australia and I was in Spain.

So she split up with me....it tore me apart...plain and simple, then I discovered the community noticed that when we were away from eachother I was still doing all the little loving gifts, saying I love her etc that I normally do but without being there and being able o be alpha with her it just comes across as needy :/ so I done no contact with her but she is home from Australia now and we are both back in the uk so she contacted me and wants to see me.

I have a couple of questions she said she wants to start seeing me again but doesn't want to have sex yet. Now I know I could seduce her if I want to, I know her and I could do it before I was part of the community so I know I could now. However my question is......should I seduce her? Or should I respect her wishes and just date her for a bit before trying to f close? Also how should I be with her tomoro......do I see her and kiss her and try re ignite the passion we had before? Or play it cool and just talk with her? She knows I'm still in love with her so I don't think acting like I'm completely over her would work as its obvious I'm not.

I know that I love this girl, since we split up Iv slept with quite a few girls and she knows I have and still wants to see me, I tried to get over her by being with other girls but it just isn't the same. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I wanted to say thanks to everyone on this forum as it pretty much dragged me through my breakup and stopped me from just moping around like an idiot.

Sorry for the long post,

Linking x