Just a brief description of the situation...

I realize now I have anger issues, among other things. It affected my relationship with my now ex girlfriend. I would have jealous outbursts and anger outbursts and would proceed to say things before I thought about it. Friday morning, I broke up with her in one of these outbursts. I realized I was wrong and tried to apologize but she was done. That caused more outburst. Finally I sat back and realized this is getting me nowhere. I'm trying no contact right now. I texted her Sunday to apologize for some things and to acknowledge I need help(I'm going to see a therapist tomorrow).

I do want her back. I'm staying busy and doing things to keep myself occupied. Sure, I can move on but this is the first real relationship I've had in years and she is special to me. I dunno if I went to far in my outbursts. Her roommate told me shed work it out if I got help, which I've taken steps in doing.

Just don't know where to go from here... Do I give up? I read once every man should try and pursue an ex at least once in their life. I just don't want false hope.

Maybe I came here seeking comradarie among fellow men in similar situations.