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    Default Get girlfriend in college back

    Hey guys. This is my third week in college and last friday i made out with this girl and we started dating. We go to college together and i see her everyday at class, we also hang out with the same group of people.
    Basically i made out with her when we all went to a club on friday and we went on a few dates. Today she just said we had to talk and that she recently broke up with some guy she's been for three and a half years with and that she keeps thinking about him and all this bullsh1t breaking up with me. I just feel so bad as i though we really connected and i wouldnt mind getting her back even though we have only been for a few days with.
    I have a lot of dhv in our group and when she asked if i was mad at her i said i wasnt and said that we can still be friends, so i guess we are gonna be hanging out a lot. I wouldnt mind hooking up with other girls in our group but she is the only one with gf potential i think.
    How should i act to make want me back without showing i miss her. She is a cinderella in the pandoras box by the way

    By the way guys, never go out in Madrid on a tuesday, no sets at all...

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    Default Re: Get girlfriend in college back

    Sounds like you were a rebound... Not sure how you should proceed with this or just move forward

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