I wrote a short post earlier that detailed my failed relationship. After going through a four day funk I had the realization, as some of you should too, that I needed to trust my feelings. I was angry, upset, whatever for a reason. I left that morning for a reason because something wasn't right. I wasn't happy. I guess it's human nature to second guess ourselves but we need to trust our instincts... Trust yourself if you were the one that broke things off. If not, understand that it didn't work for a reason.

Get out there, most of us are young and have years ahead of us to conquer all the ass in the sea we want. Men age better and have many more reproductive years ahead of them than women do. This forum really shouldn't exist because we are exes not by chance but for reasons, whatever they may be. Take what you've learned and bring it to a new relationship. STOP the old patterns and change if need be.