Ex and I split about two weeks ago.

She wanted to be friends right off the bat and I initially agreed and told her I would change and do all that AFC stuff. BUT, I realized quick that I couldn't just be friends with her and I needed some time to recover from the break up. I told her this.

I have been getting better day by day and even went on two dates so far, just for something to do. When I told her I couldn't be friends right now she really freaked out because she was scared to lose me (asking to cuddle, saying she missed me a lot, etc). Eventually she said she would give me space but we have still texted. All my texts to her have been casual like I am moving on with my life and I haven't been rude with her at all. And certainly haven't said I miss you.

I wanted to implement NC but she texted me last night saying "Hope all is well" after me going the whole day without texting her. Not sure what the next step is? I don't want to be rude but at the same time I don't want to open myself up to more hurt if she ignores me.

Thanks fellas! Life goes on!