A quick background. Started seeing this girl in the beginning of June. She was fresh off a break up, I literally met her the day after she broke up with her boyfriend (who from what I understand a lot of people thought she was gonna marry) Anyway, I know, not a smart idea, got all the makings of being a rebound. After a couple of months she tells me that she needs space. We didn't talk for a couple of weeks, met for a dinner, kinda sorta got back together. After a month, she tells me she needs a break because she is insanely busy with work (which she is, that is truth). Admittedly, during the time I was seeing her, I exhibited a lot of clingy beta behavior which wasn't doing any favors for me. Once she decided she wanted a break, I asked her out to talk about it. She initially agreed, then canceled the meeting.

I went NC with her and it was in full force for about a month. Broke it about a week ago with a "how about a couple of drinks this week?" She immediately replied that she was going out of town but offered to meet the week after. I left it at that.

Saturday night I was in bars, hitting on some drunk chicks. Checked my phone about 2 am - 3 missed texts, including one from her around 1 am. A simple "hey". I replied with "what's up". She called me and told me that she and her friend are in a bar near by and that some guys are harassing them and maybe I can come over and help them. I went over there, got them out of the bar.

We walked to my place. Her friend needed to go home. She could have gone too since she parked at her friend's apartment and had everything there. Instead she told me "why don't you take her back to her apartment and I'll just go to bed here". I took her friend back, came back, she was in my bed naked. We did what naked people do. She was more affectionate than ever wanted me to hold her, telling me how she missed this. She was also jealous, trying to get out of me if I had any chicks in my bed in the past month (which I did but didn't want to tell her that), trying to find out who I was with in bars when she called me.

I dropped her off the next morning at her friend's apartment. We exchanged some texts during the day. I wanted to see if she would wanna come out to watch games with me. She told me she had plans with friends. But she still wants to meet up this week.

The question is... where do I go from here? I don't wanna slip back into my beta clingy behavior. On the other hand, I still do give a sh1t about her. It looks like she is still interested in me. I wanna keep this going.