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    Default I need coaching on get my Ex-GF back! Just a few details**

    Hi guys, i was reading the threads in this specific forum and the Ex2 System is recommended all over the place, so I read it and started doing it today!!

    I just need a few fixes on some points, and I trust no one but you to help me with that...

    1- The No-Contact-1-Month technique is all right, i can do it. the problem is that she writes me every 4 days asking me if I'm alright (in a general way) -it's been 5 weeks now since we broke up- I can't ignore her messages, right??.

    2- It recommends on the Meet Up that it should be in a place I LIKE and should never pay for that meet up, but she already hates the places I like to hang out and one of the reasons she broke up with me is that I'm kindof cheap (even if she didn't said so). Any suggestions?

    3- I don't know about the whole "I want to be friends again" thing, because she already put me in that position. Any other tight punch lines to add to the "I think this break up was for the best, you were right"???


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    Default Re: I need coaching on get my Ex-GF back! Just a few details**

    You can still choose not to respond to her messages. (Which I would recommend)

    However; if you feel totally compelled to respond, make it short & simple like "Yep I'm good, thanks." and that's all.

    Also- if & when you meet up again, nobody said it had to be a "date" with anyone paying for anything.

    You could meet at a park, or anywhere "free" if you want.
    Or, meet for coffee... that's not a bank account breaker.

    As far as her not liking the places YOU like, that presents the same problems repeating in the future. So she's either going to have to accept & compromise a little bit, or you have to be willing to venture out to other places.

    (Just something to think about)

    But make sure you present yourself as "Alpha"... being confident, positive, upbeat, happy etc....
    Give off The Vibe that YOU are the prize & everyone else knows it.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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